An introduction to my writing

My writing style is straightforward, honest, much funnier than I am in real life (but still not very funny), sometimes overly philosophical, usually pretty nerdy, often fairly unedited (editing without reducing flow is challenging for me), occasionally containing a tad more “big” words than strictly necessary (I enjoy vocabulary), and often littered with asides/parentheticals/slashes. I often accidentally use British slang (“great” meaning “large”, “skive,” “row” meaning “argument,” “give it up as a bad job,” “catch you up,” etc.), largely due to my obsession with Harry Potter as a kid (let’s be honest, I’m still obsessed).

I basically have raw talent and very little experience. Hence, the blog.

My writing used to be superfluous until my 9th grade English teacher started giving me 50’s and 60’s on quizzes, which was quite an effective way to stamp out that particular bad habit. I’m still solidly in the overwriter’s camp, though, and frequently need to whittle pieces down to half or a third the length I started with to get them to a presentable stage. I’m lucky to be fairly insensitive to constructive criticism and welcome it with open arms. I’m also lucky to be the type of writer who doesn’t cling to every word as if it were my only child – I can throw away what I don’t need or doesn’t work, as long as doing so improves the piece.

If you want to check out some of my past writing, here’s a link to a place with lots of other links: It’s a linky link world out there. (Did you know the phrase is “It’s a dog-eat-dog world”, not “doggy dog?!” I guess it makes more sense that way.)

Some of my favorite nonfiction writers:

  • Bill Bryson
  • David Foster Wallace
  • Mary Karr
  • David Sedaris
  • Malcolm Gladwell
  • Carl Zimmer

I will generally attempt to employ strategies they employ. Bill Bryson’s dry humor is probably most similar to mine, although I have a touch of DFW’s sardonicism as well. Not that I could compare myself with them. Nor should I try to be just like them, really. I do admire them, however, and strive to write with the same high level of clarity and emotion present in their work.


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