We have discussed that feeling that comes with overwhelming good, a weight of debts, balanced on hunched shoulders, to be thrust off in repayment to the universe.

He said, I always feel like, when really good things happen to me all at once, there has to be something bad coming. It’s like I’ve been so lucky in life that someday I’ll get cancer just to balance out all that luck.

I thought, It’s not karma. It’s not even reverse karma. It’s more like, equalization… an equal amount of good and bad. But the idea runs in the same vein as karma does: humans and the universe, affecting each other.

Are we perceptive to a subtle imbalance of “good” and “bad” in the world? Tipped scales, a tautening or loosening in the fabric of the universe? No. A belief in balance is just how humans make sense of the world. Right? If you had to choose how the universe affects you, would it be through karma or through equalization?


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