After Velimir Khlebnikov’s “The I-Singer of Universong”

Thoughtstrings tangle her wayward mind. She thinkspeaks, if lithelimbs were replaced by supplesouls there would not be nearly as many souls or limbs. Leaving behind nothing but footprints is a longgone option, but she wishspeaks it were so.

And she mindsees the exponential possibility of the candy wrapper. She drops it on campus accidentally and it mindfollows her all day, addfolding her footprint. When she darndrops it, seven point one two five billion others unisondrop a wastebit in her mindseye.

And the humanworld is humantrashfilled. And the animalworld is humantrashfilled. And the plantworld is humantrashfilled.

If she untangles her thoughtstrings, they say, you are not singlehuman anymore. You are sevenpointonetwofivebillionhuman, and you should darntry to thinkspeakactdo like sevenpointonetwofivebillionhuman are doing the selfsame thingspeakactdoings.

And if everyone actlistened to these thoughstrings, deephidden in the collective consciousness there maywillbe better worldthings and better worldlives.


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