“The chicken exists so that the egg may traverse the ages.”

–Clarice Lispector, “The Egg and the Chicken”

The human exists so that the DNA may traverse the ages.

Everything exists so that atoms may traverse the ages.

If you think about it, it will drive you insane. Objects, beings, forms: these are agents of their instructive, reproductive components. Once an egg, always an egg. Matter can be neither created nor destroyed, except that one time that it was created, which we steadfastly ignore so that we don’t die of a sense of ignorance. In humans, atoms have achieved new heights: an agent that can think about its atoms. Maybe the creation of humans is a way for atoms to call for help with a problem they’re having and receive an answer. Maybe they thought: if we work together, we could make something that can help us in ways that we can’t help ourselves when we’re water, or rocks, or chickens, or eggs, or floating by ourselves in space. Why else would atoms decide to assemble in such ways that they create water, and rocks, and life, and chickens, and eggs, and humans? Physics: that’s why. I’ve often thought that if there were a God, he would manifest himself as Physics.


One thought on “Circles

  1. I often tell people that science has made me more of a spiritual person. It takes what I already inherently know and feel, and shows me that ways in which that undefinable thing, has managed to manifest itself in the tangible world….

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