Reflections 1 year post-graduation

This week, I’ve been a college graduate for one year. I’m thinking a lot about what I’ve done in the intervening year, what I could do better, and how my first “adult decisions” have shaped my life.

I’m thinking about self-worth as defined by society and fighting against subconscious usage of that definition as my own. I’m strategizing how to better use my time, and working hard to disabuse myself of the notion that I have plenty of it. I’m reflecting on taking risks and how going against my instincts to play it safe has led me to some of the best people, places, and opportunities Of my life. I’m pontificating on fear and the debilitating effect it can have, and how to recognize and work through it rather than deny it exists or run away from it. I’m constantly thinking about change, growth, and self-improvement, but also about acceptance, self-care, and self-love.

I’m exploring ways to be a better ally to various human rights movements, and wondering how to be outspoken without overstepping my bounds and flaunting my various flavors of privilege, something I’m terrified of doing. I’m prioritizing interacting with people who bring positivity into my life and avoiding people who bring negativity into it. I’m thinking about mindfulness, meditation, and living in the moment. I’m striving to choose love and empathy over anger and animosity when people treat me poorly.

What is it that I have that I can translate into bettering the world? How can I make positive change through my work as a scientist and a writer? How can I live my life as the example I want to set for others?  As I “settle” into adulthood, how can I maintain an open mind and avoid stagnation? How can I continue to better myself and prioritize seeking new experiences?

These are the things I’m thinking about, and have thought about over the past year. I’m looking forward to taking action on these thoughts in the future!


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