Science communication resources at UC Davis and beyond

Originally posted here on UC Davis’s Center for Population Biology blog.

Below is a list of science communication resources both on and off UC Davis’s campus. This is not an exhaustive list and if you have more to add please email For tips on how to communicate science effectively, check out this blog post by Easton and me.

UC Davis

Other opportunities

  • Massive Science:
    • Pitch pieces, receive edits, and get paid to publish on Massive’s website
  • Skype A Scientist program:
  • Ensia writing program:
    • “The Ensia Mentor Program offers scientists and aspiring environmental journalists an opportunity to build their communication skills and professional network by creating an article, video, image gallery, infographic or other work on a topic of their choice for Ensia under the guidance of an experienced communicator”
  • Ecological Society of America’s SciComm section:
  • Friends of Joe’s Big Idea (FOJBI):
    • “A community of young scientists that includes undergrads, graduate students, post docs and faculty interested in improving their science communication skills”
    • Run by Maddie Sofia and Joe Palca, NPR correspondents
    • Slack community that shares jobs, interesting science, and science communication tips and resources
    • “Office hours” are held monthly in which you can pitch a writing piece, get edits from the Slack community and from Maddie and Joe, and hopefully pitch the writing piece to a blog, magazine, or other publication
  • Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science:
    • Improvisation workshops
  • Young Scientists:
    • PhD students and postdocs compete to have a video about their research featured on the ibiology website. Winners attend a science communication workshop in preparation for recording their research talks.
    • Application:

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